• Redrawn Mall 2nd floor
  • Added new store for Mall 2nd floor (Pink Fox) and some interactions there
    (you can open some scenes after talking with different characters and 2 not finished static 18+ scene)
  • Redrawn Olivia’s sprite and added more
  • Reworked Olivia’s storyline
  • Added treehouse area and interactions there with Olivia
  • Added new 18+ scene with Olivia
  • Redrawn and reworked library 2nd floor
  • Added an alternative way to create a synthetic blood scheme (you can make upgrade scheme for automaton without Sarah)
  • Redrawn Archie’s sprites
  • Redrawn Automaton’s sprites
  • Added more actions affecting the plot (Additional actions that will change the end of the first chapter of the main story a bit and will have an effect on the further passage) with not finished 18+ scene (static image)
  • Reworked/redrawn final storyline scene with Bee
  • New author’s music for the main menu and the main ambient (There will be others in the future, for different situations)
  • Added new sprites for some school characters
    – 2 Teachers
    – 2 School male guys
  • Added thief chapter for Monika (you can finish this in diferent way)
    And some static 18+ scenes
  • More interactions in school with more arts
  • Added School areas:
    – Teacher’s Room
    – New Class
    – New corridors that don’t affect anything yet
  • The GUI has changed a bit. The font has been changed
  • The code logic has been reworked in some aspects (e.g. the penis type setting does not depend on saving)
  • Some dialogues have been slightly reworked


  • Added second date with Lauren, continuation of the plot with Lauren
    (the date can be spent in different ways, stock up on wine to see all the scenes)
  • Added two 18+ scenes with Lauren
    (depends on the choice on the date, affects the relationship with Lauren)
  • Bar redrawn (Bartender too)
  • Some characters of the bar are clickable and participate in the plot
  • Added sprite sketches for 8 secondary characters (3 in the bar and 5 in the school)
  • Added the location of the candy shop
  • Added sprites for 5 candy shop characters
  • Added a storyline with the bar and the candy store (brothel) that affects the main storyline
  • Added sketches of GG cooking in the kitchen
    (and a few dialogues at some points in the game)
  • Added a gym to the school (depending on the time of day and day)
  • Added some interactions in the gym
  • Redrawn Karl (4 sprites)
  • Redrawn Spike (librarian) (2 sprites naked/clothes)
  • Redrawn arts with peeping on sister in the bathroom
  • Redrawn arts of Karl’s visit to GG (both)
  • Redrawn sprites with Eve (4 sprites naked\school\sport) (Eva can be found in the gym)
  • Reworked the scenes with peeping on sister in the bathroom (several stages)
  • Minor conditions changes:
    • Now you can ask Lauren to change clothes and touch her ass only after a successful 2nd date​
    • Some dialogue for the automaton and Lauren is available where they weren’t before
  • The logic of the code has been slightly reworked and works better (fixes some bugs)​
  • Some dialogues have been slightly reworked

v0.0.18 (public)

  • Reworked and added new sprites for:
    • MC
    • Sister
    • Automaton
  • Added a new character:​
    • Eve (student)​
    • Liza (principal)​​
  • Continuation:​
    • ​Main storyline
    • Monika’s storyline
    • Karl’s storyline
  • New locations were added:​
    • School club​
    • Forest
    • Second floor of the library
    • Bar
    • Changing room at MALL
  • Added events​
    • ​To the school club
    • When sister changes
    • Instead of a masturbation scene in sister’s room at night
    • You can accidentally see the changing characters in the changing booth
    • An alternative way to find a book for the sister in the library
  • Repainted/finished arts:​
    • Sister in bed at night​
    • MC helping Lauren at the store
    • Kiss MC and sister after breakfeast
    • Sister icons in replay and traveling together
  • You can give to automaton school uniform​
  • You can buy clothes in the steam shop
  • Now I can bring clothes to sister for posing
  • Added 18+ MC x Automaton animation
  • Reworked animation when MC touches sister’s ass at night
  • New book appearance for PC and mobile devices
  • You can take a few characters at once (in certain cases)
  • The old dialogue has been slightly altered, and new ones have been added (Questions during communication with sister in different places. For example, she can be called to the team if she is at school. Give her books if she is at school. Etc. Or a meeting between Karl and Automaton.)


  • Menu and game menu were changed a little
  • Added opening and closing game animations
  • Menu and game music
  • Memory room with replays was reworked. (now you need to open the scenes to watch them in memory room)
  • Some arts and sketches were redrawn (first meeting with Monika in her house, Monika in standing/sleeping her room, minor characters at the factory, automaton on the window)
  • Small continuation for Monika
  • Small continuation for Sarah/main story
  • Added 18+ animation MC x Sarah
  • Added small animation touching Monika
  • Interaction with the school male toilet
  • New character Archie at the factory
  • New character Ryuto at the factory
  • New location at the factory
  • Old bugs have been fixed
  • Script was improved


  • Redrawn old animation with bro and sis at night in bed
  • New animation (continuation) with sis and bro at night in bed
  • New animation with sis and automaton (you can ask automaton to join sis)
  • New minor character
  • You can have a date with Sarah in the cinema
  • Small continuation for Sarah
  • Small continuation for the main plot
  • Small continuation for Monika
  • Added new location: Monika’s house
  • Added some interactions for characters
  • Some small interactions
  • Script was improved


  • New character Monika (sis friend) in different school and regular clothes
  • New character Taiga (teacher)
  • New 18+ animation with sister in cinema
  • Some sprites have been slightly adjusted
  • School is partially done
  • New quests added for new characters
  • Some new dialogues
  • Script was improved


  • Finished  some sketches (MC with Lauren in the store, MC finds the automaton on the street, the chief engineer and his room at the factory)
  • The storyline with Lauren continues (follow the hints in the book)
  • Sprites with Lauren (again) and Karl were redrawn
  • New location with a new character (Restaurant that is located above the factory. So far, only used for the passage of the storyline with Lauren)
  • Karl’s kitchen redrawn (still a sketch, but now you can interact with Lauren in the kitchen (weekend morning))
  • Added short animation with Lauren in the kitchen (touch her ass)
  • Added corridor and Lauren’s room. Lauren cleans Karl’s room over the weekend
  • You can also find a sister masturbating sometimes at night (just a sketch)
  • Script was improved


  • New animation with Olivia
  • Line animation with petting sis
  • Added replay room (all scenes are opened immediately for this version)
  • Line for 2 park locations (you can find Sarah there (evening in the weekends))
  • Sprites with Sarah and Lauren were redrawn (and new ones with Sarah added)
  • Some details have also been changed (some images)
  • A small continuation of the plot (Sarah, Lauren, Olivia’s branch and the main plot)
  • You can spy on Lauren in the bathroom on weekends (evening)
  • 18+ animation with Sister
  • 18+ animation with Samantha
  • New dialogues (Sister, secretary, Master, Lead Engineer, Sarah, Olivia)
  • You can pet Sister (in her room)
  • You can change the speed of the text
  • Script was improved


  • You can upgrade Automaton
  • Added animated scene with Automaton (Choose “Action” after upgrading)
  • Some illustrations were finished and some redrawn
  • The Secretary animation is repeatable now
  • You can take Automaton in your team (Some tasks have been changed)
  • Some sketches in the park and with Olivia
  • Added Library
  • You can find some books in the library (Incest book 2 – mandatory for sister masturbation scene, Synthetic blood blueprint – required to upgrade the automaton)
  • The storyline with Sarah has changed a bit. Before the blowjob, now you have to go on a date
  • You can take Sarah in your party after the automaton is repaired
  • You can choose the type of penis you like best in the game settings (You can change this option at any time)
  • Script was improved


  • Added second floor of a shopping center
  • Added toilet on the first floor
  • You can see a random scene in the women’s room with a 2/11 chance on weekdays (only one scene in this update)
  • On the second floor, you can chat with a small mouse (When you start collecting items)
  • In the cinema, you can talk to the seller about his sister and buy ice cream
  • You can flirt and buy flowers from a flower saleswoman (Flowers can be presented to Sarah or sister)
  • Automaton sprites were changed
  • In the shopping center, you can now see where you can click
  • Saleswoman was changed a little in steam shop
  • You can invite Sister to your team
  • 1 Ivent with sister in cinema (with sis in team)
  • Script was slightly improved


  • The script is slightly improved
  • Animation and arts with Secretary/Master and Sarah/MC were finished


  • The script is slightly improved
  • Animation and arts with Secretary and MC in factory were finished


  • The script is slightly improved
  • Animation and arts in Steam Shop were finished


  • A new character you can meet at work (after helping Lauren), event & sprites
  • More interactivity with Automaton + short scene on the window (Action)
  • A small continuation of the Friend’s chapter
  • You can talk with Lauren in dining room, when Karl works
  • One art is finished, many sketches are drawn
  • Art at the beginning now doesn’t violate the logic of the game (Roommate at breakfast was redrawn)
  • Sprite Lauren has been slightly modified
  • The script is slightly improved
  • Some bugs have been fixed


Android version is now official and supported. If you experience any issues with it, please note if you’re on Android specifically if you report it. Several nicetites for Android users specifically has been added, like a close button when you click on areas that aren’t visible/usable yet.

  • New scene with Lauren ( After you start collecting items, you can help at work in the presence of Lauren [look at hints] )
  • New scene with Automaton ( Take her to The Master )
  • Sketched park and Karl’s house
  • Changed some completed arts
  • Interface was reworked for the android and pc versions
  • First meeting with Karl or Lauren can be different
  • You can’t start working right after the conversation
  • You can sleep not only at night
  • Automaton sprites were slightly modified
  • Some bugs have been fixed
  • The script is slightly improved


  • Sister’s sprites were changed (2 new sprites with school uniform)
  • The script is slightly improved
  • In the mornings, she changes clothes at school (2 types)
  • School location appeared (only sketches, but you can find sister there)
  • New 18+ animation with sister (masturbating in bed with MC)


  • You can finish the automaton!
  • The script is slightly improved
  • Try spying after finishing automaton


  • New arts with sister (find tools slideshow)
  • The script is slightly improved
  • Finished Factory workspace
  • Rumors spread like wildfires, there’s now someone sharing them in the Factory


  • New 18+ scene with Secretary
  • The script is slightly improved
  • Dialogs improved
  • New sprite for some dialogs


  • New character
  • New location
  • New 18+ scene
  • The script is slightly improved
  • Dialogs improved
  • You can find the last item
  • GUI appearance improved
  • Added cheat for money
  • 2 new sprites


  • You can find one more item. Go to the factory to find it
  • New 18+ animation with secretary and master
  • Minor changes in visual design
  • 2 completed illustrations (Mart and blueprints)


  • New character
  • 18+ scene
  • Several completed illustrations
  • Some fixes


  • 1st Release

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